Ogoni cleanup: Over 10,000 persons benefit from FG health intervention

Over 10, 000 persons in Ogoni have benefitted from the free health intervention by Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) powered by the federal government of Nigeria. 
The Minister of State for Environment, Mr Ibrahim Usman Jibril disclosed this in Terabor General Hospital in Gokana, shortly after inspecting the ongoing medical outreach by HYPREP, for the four Local Government Areas of Ogoniland in Rivers State. 
According to the Minister, the health intervention is part of effort by the federal government to medically affect the lives of the people who are suffering from different diseases as a result of the contaminated environment caused by oil spill. 
Jibril said since December last year till April this year, about 10, 000 outpatients have benefitted from the medical intervention which includes over 60 surgeries. 
He said: “I am here to see our people, find out how our programme is going on and how they are impacting positively on the health of the people. The government has a responsibility to take care of the people. 
“So, as a Minister, we have a project and that project is known as HYPREP. It is aimed at cleaning the oil spill that has taken place in the past 30 years and which we have not been able to do anything about until now. And part of the decision taken to assist the people is to look at so many other issues not only the actual physical remediation of the soil and the water but the lives of the people that have been living in this contaminated environment. 
“A lot of people have suffered some deprivations, have suffered health challenges. Some of these challenges may be minor but if they are not taken care of, it can multiply. So we feel we can impact on the life of the people with this little intervention. 
“In the first one we started in December 2017 to January this year, we have been able to attend to more than 5,000 outpatients and we have more than 60 surgeries. 
“Today, a lot of people have already benefitted, 6,000 in the last dispensation, now we have about 4,000 that means we have about 10,000 benefitted from the health intervention.” 
Jibril commended the HYPREP coordinator for the project, saying “the president, Dr Marvin Dekil is doing a good job and it is our responsibility to back him up”. 
However, the Minister disclosed that the federal government has mapped out a timetable for the remediation of oil impacted sites in Ogoni, amongst other recommendation of the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP, in Ogoniland.
Jibril said submission of documents for the bidding of contracts for the Ogoni cleanup would end today (April 30), adding that the FG was working sequentially to ensure that there is no mistake and to ensure that whenever it is started would be irreversible even when President Buhari is out of office. 
He advised the youths of Ogoni to desist from any act capable of re-polluting the area, assuring the people that the modular refinery project will soon come on stream.
“We have a complete timetable of our programme now, we have done advertisement for people to see what we intend to do. 
“I am sure people who have interest, who have the capability and capacity to do this clean-up job have already submitted their documents. The tender of documents will close on Monday April 30, and then we will start the evaluation of the expression of interest. 
“We have a timetable up to when we will start the actual remediation. We will go through all the procurement process, then evaluation, then the approval of the award of contracts, then we will start to work”, the Minister stated.
Authority Newspaper