Niger Delta: Nigeria Navy destroys 134 illegal refineries

The Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) Delta said it has demolished 134 unlawful refining destinations in Delta state in the last one and a half weeks.

The Commander of the NNS Delta, Commodore Ibrahim Dewu, who revealed this amid one of the tasks in Jibo people group, Warri South-West gathering region of the state on Saturday, likewise cautioned oil hoodlums and administrators of illicit refineries to cease and discover real methods for occupations or face the fury of the law.

According to the Nation, Dewu, who was spoken to by the Executive Officer (XO) of the NNS Delta, Navy Captain Adeyemi Adewuyi, denounced the decision of a few people in the Niger Delta to live on wrongdoing and keep on squandering assets on endeavours that will persistently be followed and pulled somewhere around government, bringing up the measure of monetary assets focused on the unlawful exercises and their undulating impact on the country’s economy.

As indicated by him, the illicit refining locales in Jibo people group alone secured a stretch of multiple kilometres of marsh region, including that the administrators had set up in excess of 82 units of unlawful refineries on the monstrous space of land.

In his statement, he informed that they are in Jibo community in Warri South-West council area of Delta state to carry out the destruction of illegal refineries with the use of swamp buggies. Currently we are employing two swamp buggies simultaneously to destroy the illegal refinery sites in this community.