#NDNewVsion: Participants laud workshops, Buhari administration’s commitment to develop region

The Niger Delta New Vision workshop, held in Warri, Delta State in August 2018, made Niger Delta CSOs more aware of the Federal Government’s New Vision for the Niger Delta. During the programme, I was glad to realize that the Federal government was ready to work with the Niger Delta CSOs and other stakeholders in the region to ensure that the vision is achieved this time around. I gained a lot from the sessions and got more information on the strides so far made in implementation of the New Vision, including the Maritime University, modular refineries, Ogoni clean-up, and the Strategic Implementation Work Plan (SIWP) – Kadiri Blessing, Global Women for Quality and Sustainable Development (GWSD)


Workshop timely, Niger Delta New Vision website laudable

The Niger Delta New Vision workshop which held on the 27th of June 2018 in Abuja was a real eye-opener to me, especially regarding how the PANDEF 16-point agenda and the president 20-point agenda were tied together to bring about a lasting solution to the various challenges facing the Niger Delta Region. I have been on some socio-economic field survey based on some former environmental impact assessment projects I handled within the Niger Delta, I recall some of our project team members not being able to access a particular modular refinery project due to aggrieved youths of the community. Had I known about the SIWP then I would have been able to educate members of the public I engaged with in a better manner.

The timely SIWP workshop was vital to this, for instance, if one was to take complaints from the populace of the region as regarding “matters arising” proper feedback mechanisms has been duly provided by it. The Niger Delta New Vision website is a laudable achievement because it creates a third-party resource when engaging the populace and all arguments to be raised can be put in their right context through it. We at ANEEJ are very eager to participate in any capacity deemed fit as a CSO readily mandated to the current and future development of the Niger Delta region – Esiwo Awotu-Ukiri


FG New Vision commendable

The Niger Delta New Vision Workshop: made us to be aware and better enlightened of the project ‘New vision’ of Federal Government in the Niger Delta, made us discovered the need for proper coordination of all the activities in the New Vision that impact on our communities, gave us opportunities and prospects, available for Niger Delta citizens; and enlightened us on the existence of the Maritime University in the Niger Delta and when it became functional. It also shows that the roles of CSOs in Ondo State cannot be over emphasized as we have some CSOs working in the different thematic areas outlined in the SIWP – Ondo CSOs participants (Mrs Adetula M O, Akomolafe P & Mr Alo Martins)


SIWP key to development in region

I and my team wish to thank the organizers of the Niger Delta New Vision workshops. The workshop was very interactive, which profited all the participants enormously!  For us it was eye-opening and educative, because it covered important guidelines and techniques to present information on modular refineries and the Niger Delta New Vision and the Strategic Implementation Work Plan (SIWP). The talk was very well organized and presented, crystal clear and with a good rhythm so as to not to fall asleep after lunch. I liked the fact that the speakers tried to get the audience involved by making it a discussion.

We really appreciate the insights that was provided, and the time you took following the sessions to provide additional feedback. I’ve already started talking up the workshop to my team members. I also admired the way the skilful way Mr. Arukaino Umukoro delivered his session on Niger Delta New Vision communication strategies. You almost casually offered different thoughts and alternatives, intuitively fishing through everything to find the key elements, recalling things said and the emotional emphasis expressed at the start of the process that I had already forgotten about. Thanks to you all – Dr Agboro Andrew, Executive Director, One Love Community Development (CDPPI), Warri, Delta State

Workshop an eye-opener

For those who had the perception that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration was not doing enough for the Niger Delta region, the insights provided by the Niger Delta New Vision workshop in Warri, Delta State, in August, was an eye-opener for them, as some of the gains made were unveiled during the workshop. One startling moment at the workshop was when the current Vice Chancellor of the Maritime University, Okerenkoko, Prof. Maureen Etebu, presented a paper on the journey so far at the institution. This was an eye-opener for me and some other media personnel present.

It was really interesting to know that the present administration is showing its commitment to the environmental well-being of the Niger Delta region. This is clearly a departure from the past, where promises were made but not fulfilled. As a media professional, I am ready to partner with the government on the Niger Delta new vision towards a prosperous region by setting the agenda right in my reportage – Jahrock Uweje