Fact sheet on the Ogoni Cleanup so far – HYPREP

The HYPREP Coordination Office, under the leadership of Dr. Marvin Dekil, the Project Coordinator, has carried out the following key activities so far:

  1. Sensitization and Awareness Campaign: In view of the readiness of commencement of physical cleanup of Ogoniland, there is a continued sensitization of Ogoni people across the four (4) LGAs on the Cleanup project and against re-pollution of cleanup sites, HYPREP has carried out broad-based initial sensitizations, including:

i. Community Sensitization

We are in constant engagement with local authorities such as Traditional Rulers, Youth Bodies, Women Leaders, Village Heads and Faith-Based Organisations to sensitize them on the project.

Community Leadership Sensitized

  1. Gokana LGA: Bodo, K-Dere, B-Dere, Kpor, Mogho, Bera,

Biara, Gbe

  1. Khana LGA: Kwawa, Buan, Kpean, Tera-ue, Kono, Bangha
  2. Tai LGA: Korokoro, Kpite, Ueken, Gio, Kebara-Kira, Botem,


  1. Eleme LGA: Ogale, Alode, Ebubu

ii. HYPREP is in the process of organising Town Hall meetings with all communities at the grassroot level.


2. Training of Technical Assistants

HYPREP has trained some Ogoni graduates educated in Environmental Sciences to develop capacity for the Cleanup project.

In May, 2017, a training was organized for the Technical Assistants to equip them with the technical skills for the remediation.

The second training which was on Oil Spill Clean-up and Remediation, also organized by HYPREP in collaboration with NDDC took place on 24th-25th and 28th May, 2018.



From 18th-20th September, 2017, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in conjunction with HYPREP Coordination Office organised a three day Workshop for HYPREP Management.

The Project Coordination Office (PCO) and Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) also organized a Joint HYPREP/SPDC Framing Workshop

An Induction Workshop on Project Management was also orgainsed for the HYPREP Management Team on the 24th , 25th and 28th of May, 2018



i. Demonstration of Remediation Technologies:

The Project Coordination Office (PCO) embarked on demonstration of technologies in some of the oil impacted areas in Ogoniland, namely Bodo, K-Dere, B-Dere, Korokoro, Kwawa, Nsisioken etc where interested companies showcased their remediation technologies at no cost to government. Soil and water samples were collected and analysed using different technology to determine the most suitable technologies that will be applied in the Cleanup exercise.


A total of 201 samples (163 soil and 38 water) have been collected and analysed from eleven (11) sites in this exercise across the four (4) L.G.A

ii. Delineation of Impacted Sites

Delineation and scoping of selected hydrocarbon impacted sites is on-going.

Twenty-Six (26) sites out of the Sixty-Four (64) investigated sites by UNEP across the four (4) Ogoni Local Government Areas have been earmarked.. This is in line with the recommendations contained in the UNEP fact sheets

The delineation activity is to establish lateral and vertical boundaries of contamination and extent of impact to develop current contamination profile of the sites.


4. Commencement of activities towards the implementation of UNEP recommendation on health study

The Project Coordination Office has carried out Medical Outreach Programmes aimed at collecting preliminary data towards the implementation of the UNEP recommendation on Health Study in the four (4) Local Government Areas of Ogoni comprising Tai, Eleme, Khana and Gokana. Medical services were also provided to the communities.

The outreach was carried out from 26th December 2017 to 3rd January 2018 and a follow-up from 14th April – 1st May 2018.

25,139 patients were treated including 365 surgeries.

5. Procurement activities

 The Project Coordination Office has carried out the following procurement activities:

i. Expression of Interest for Remediation of Impacted Sites

Prequalification has been concluded and companies prequalified are listed on our website www.hyprep.gov.ng

Technical and Financial bidding process to commence immediately

Remediation expected to commence by the 4th quarter, 2018 after the completion of all procurement processes

ii. Expression of Interest for Water and Health

Evaluation for the pre-qualification of companies that expressed interest on Water and Health is ongoing

6. Next phase

  •  Continuous Community Engagements/Sensitization
  • Delineation
  • Conclusion of Procurement Processes
  • Construction of new comprehensive water schemes and rehabilitation of existing ones
  • Livelihood Assessment/Implementation Plan
  • Detailed HEALTH Impact Assessment Study
  • Remediation of selected twenty six (26) sites identified in the 1st phase of the Cleanup exercise